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BUSO SA 2018-2019 Election Results

We are pleased to announce the incoming executive team for the 2018-19 academic session! 
Positions are as follows:
Jean Christian Rwayitare
VP of Internal Affairs:
Thien Phan
VP of External Affairs:
Wanita Jagdesh
Events Coordinator:
Jessica Adevor
Communications Director:
Mohammed Fuad Mekhail Bari
Congratulations to each new and returning member of the BUSOSA team!

BUSO SA 2018-2019 Elections

thumbnail_IMG_4243As the 2017-18 academic year draws to an end, the Business and Society Student Association (BUSOSA) is pleased to announce executive member elections for the 2018-19 year!
This is an opportunity for students in the Business and Society program to work with students, staff, and faculty to host academic and social events which enrich the university experience and, help students develop valuable leadership and workplace skills.

BUSOSA is looking to fill the following positions:
1. President
2. Vice President of Internal Affairs
3. Vice President of External Affairs
4. Finance Director
5. Events Coordinator (2 positions)
6. Communications Director
7. Marketing Director
8. Councilors (2 positions)

For a full description of the positions go to and look for Article V. Officers, Qualifications and Duties within BUSO Constitution as of Feb 27,2018.

Nomination Period: Friday, March 09 – Friday, March 23 (11:59 PM)
Nominees Announced: Sunday, March 25
Voting Period: Monday, March 26 – Friday, March 30
New Executive Team Announced: Monday, April 02

To nominate yourself, please email by March 23 at 11:59 PM. Nominations received after this time will not be accepted.

Please include the following in the email for your nomination:
· Your full name;
· Contact information (this will not be made public);
· Position that you are interested in;
· A short description of yourself, why you are a good fit for the position and your vision for the club (250-500 words).

Good Luck!

Best Wishes,
BUSO Executive Team 2017-18

2018 Business and Society Forum: Black Women Resisting Social & Business Exclusion in France, Canada and Brazil

The Centre for Feminist Research Presents:

2.30pm, February 1, 2018

519 Kaneff Tower

York University

In the U.N. Decade of the Year of Persons of African Descent 2015-2024, it is important to examine the extraordinary socio-economic contributions of Lusophone and Francophone Black women.

Many Black women in France and Canada have come as immigrants with the hopes of seeking a better way of life for their families. Dr. Felix Germain examines the isolation and economic hardship Caribbean women face in France when they cannot find decent work nor easily integrate into French society.

Similar to the French experience, Black French-speaking Canadian women are left to their own devices to create their own social economies. In Canada the Anglophone culture dominates, and the Black Francophone community is referred to a ‘minority within a minority’ in which they experience the double-whammy of being French-speaking and Black. Dr. Gertrude Mianda shares more about the life experiences of Black women in Ontario who are marginalized along racial, gendered and linguistic lines.

Brazil, the country to receive the largest number of slaves in the Atlantic slave trade era, has an important Black population in the Americas – and the largest African diaspora in the world. Dr. Simone Bohn introduces the powerful use of cooperatives called Quilombos, in which Afro-Brazilians seek to meet their economic and social needs, and to push against systemic racial bias in the country.

About the Presenters:

Francophone African Immigrant Women in Toronto and Ottawa: The difficult quest for economic integration.

Dr. Gertude Mianda is an Associate Professor in the Gender and Women’s Studies program at Glendon College, York University. She is originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Her research focuses on gender and post-colonialism, particularly on Congolese women, gender development, globalization and immigrationHer research on immigration focuses primarily on francophone Africans in the minority francophone community in Canada (Toronto and Ottawa), examining their economic as well as social integration.

Decolonizing the Republic: African and Caribbean Migrants in Postwar Paris (1946-1974).

Dr. Felix Germain is an Assistant Professor of Africana Studies at the University of Pittsburgh and he specializes in transnational and cultural history, with an emphasis on France, the Caribbean, West Africa, and the United States. He grew up in New York City and is from Martinique. Dr. Germain’s first book, Decolonizing the Republic: African and Caribbean Migrants in Postwar Paris (1946-1974), chronicles the evolution of Paris from a space fertile for Black literary and artistic production to a city where Caribbean and African labor migrants lived in quasi “exile,” often protesting for better working and living conditions.

The Quilombolas’ Refuge in Brazil: Social Economy, Communal Space and Shared Identity

Dr. Simone Bohn is an Associate Professor of Political Science at York University, where she specializes in Comparative Politics with a focus on Latin America. Her studies have focused on party politics, gender and politics, and more recently, the heterogeneity of poverty in Brazil. Originally from Brazil, Dr. Bohn’s research focuses on political parties in South America, gender and politics in Brazil, and the study of political tolerance and attitudes towards corruption in Latin America.

About the Discussant:

Dr. Melanie Knight is an Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology at Ryerson University. Dr. Knight’s research interests are primarily focused on race, gender and the labour market economy with a specific focus on entrepreneurship. For the past 15 years, Dr. Knight has researched the business life-cycle progression of racialized women entrepreneurs, the barriers that these women face; their unique assets (social, financial, human, personal and physical); and the ways in which they develop these assets in an effort to create successful businesses and sustainable livelihoods.

Co-Sponsored by: SSHRC Insight Development Grant [IDG] “African Origins in the social economy: A study on the banker ladies and economic collectives in Canada,” Business & Society [BUSO] Program; Department of French Studies; Department of Humanities; Department of Politics; Department of Social Science; Faculty of Education & the Jean Augustine Education and Community Chair; the School of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies; Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies, Glendon College; and the Office of the Vice-President Research & Innovation at York University.

Click here for more information about the Forum:

Click here for directions to York University – Keele Campus:

Light refreshments provided.

Questions? Email No RSVP necessary.

BUSO Student Association Meet & Greet

The 2017 Business and Society meet and greet was a huge success! It was an evening of socializing between the students, professors and executives of the club. There was a presentation informing students what exactly the BUSO Student Association is, the events we will be offering along with what events the students would like to see, along with introducing executives behind the club for the 2017/2018 academic year. There was also a game of York U themed Jeopardy with a swag bag full of BUSO merch for the winner, and last but not least food was provided courtesy of Falafel Hut. A big thank you to all the students and professors that were in attendance and we hope to see you next year!

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Alumni Social Networking Event

On Friday, June 23rd, 2017 the Business and Society department with the support of the Business and Society student Association held their first Alumni Social Networking Event. It was a great opportunity to interact with fellow alumni, student, faculty and community members. We had an amazing night and we hope you did too. See you at our next event!

Best Regards,

Business and Society Student Association

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Business and Society Student Club Candidate List 2017-18

It is our pleasure to congratulate the nominees for our 2017-18 Business and Society Executive Team!



Alexandra Cruz :ACCLAIMED

My name is Alexandra Cruz, I am going into my 5th year at York University. I have been a Peer Mentor at Vanier College which gave me great connection at University and was how I was introduced to the Business and Society Student Club. I have had the honor to be part of the Business and Society club for a year now. As the councilor, in my past role I was in charge of attending all the events, assisting the executives and writing the meeting minutes. I greatly enjoyed my time at BUSO so much so that I want it to come back again, being part of BUSO has truly enriched my experience here at York, I recommend to anyone to be involved. BUSO has been a place for me to interact with other students and enrich my learning in a non-class room setting. It helped prefect my skills in multi-tasking and other things. I think I would be a good fit for the President of BUSO because I have been a part of the club already and know how everything works. I am a dedicated individual who puts effort into every position that I am given. It is worth noting that I was a co-editor of my high school Yearbook for 2 years, which gave me experience on how to lead a group of individuals. My vision for the club is to get more of the Business and Society students to come out to our events. Business and Society is the second largest program at Vanier College but we have little participation from our students. A goal I would set for the 2017/2018 academic year if I were honored to be president would be to attract more students to our clubs and events. I know this will not be an easy task because BUSO is an interdisciplinary program which means that the program provides a wide range of interests that we have to try and accommodate. Another thing I want to do if I become President of the BUSO Student Club, soon to be association, would be to create more collaborative events within Vanier College. I believe that we can create better events if we all pooled our resources together.

Vice President of Internal Affairs:

Andre Anton :ACCLAIMED

I am entering my final year as a Business and Society student currently in the Business Ethics and Law & Governance streams. I entered York as a transfer student a year ago, after obtaining an accounting diploma from Centennial College in 2015. I worked as a summer camp coordinator at a local church providing free camp services to children and young adults in enter developing areas across the GTA. My lack of school involvement led me to joining the BUSO club and it has been a positive experience for me and benefiting me in my overall academic performance. I believe I am a good fit for this position because of the previous experience I have and the new ideas I want to implement in the upcoming year. I have necessary leadership skills as I supervised 4 university students as counsellors and over 30 children on a regular basis. I worked to create and manage the camp’s entire budget for the summer. I served as the Director of Communications for BUSOSC over this winter term and am aware of how to run academic and social events and how to effectively promote these events through social media. I also was fully in charge of the BUSOSC website, as the website not been in use since 2015. As well, believe I am a good fit for helping other students and encouraging students to get involved and provide the necessary information about Business and Society program and the club. My vision for the club over the next year is improve turnout on all our events, I want add more social events to our agenda so that BUSO students will have a better time engaging with their executives and other students. Creating more social events will have more influence on our academic event turnout. I want to have alumni talk session every two months instead of having one event at the end of term, so that the general question of “How is the job prospect currently?” out of students heads and to encourage them that there is a lot to do with a business and society degree. Start with bringing graduates from all streams and then bring York graduates who can talk about their experiences of additional education like current master students. I also want to collaborate with Criminology Students at York to create events for students in the Law & Governance, and the Green Campus Coop Club. I also want to push for more internship and coop opportunities we could provide through our club for our students. My final I want to integrated a feature on our website for Business and Society Journals, where students can write journal entries or articles about current topics that can be discussed in business and society lectures. This gives students a chance to leave behind academic worked which will be peer edited properly by myself and other editors and can be used later in courses such as the intro business and society classes. I very qualified for this position and will work hard with the Vanier College Master, Janice Newton, Program coordinator, Darryl Reed, Business and Society professors, and the future president produce the most successful year for the Business and society program and the student association alike.

Marketing Director:

Cesar Corona :ACCLAIMED

I am a BPA major and a first-year student planning on entering the management stream. I am now near the end of my first year here at York University where I have noticed that I feel incomplete as if I should getting more involved, I made the mistake this year of not attempting to join club or organization, a mistake I do not want to make moving forward into my second year. Instead of just going to my lectures and then straight home right after, I want to have something to look forward to every time I leave my house and head to York. I enjoy meeting and speaking with new individuals. I enjoy being an overall organized person and tend to schedule everything out to avoid any complications. I want to run for this position to be a part of something that will help me improve as a person and allow me to make the overall experience of other students within this program something they will truly enjoy and remember. Along with this, I believe that I will be a beneficial member towards this team and I will continuously try my best to make sure everything I do is to the best of my ability without hesitation for the betterment of Business and Society.

Finance Director

Maria Mesfin :ACCLAIMED

Hi my name is Maria Mesfin, I am a student at York University currently enrolled in the Biology (BSc) program. I have 7 years of working experience, from cafes to retail to my local pharmacy . These experiences have helped me develop skills in time management, team work, problem solving, and working quickly but efficiently. All assets I hope to bring to the club. I am looking to be more involved in Yorks community, and believe this would be the the right fit for me, as it incorporates poltical, business , social aspects, which interest me. My vision for the club is that it continues to grow providing student with links and services to the Business and Society Program. Thank you for your kind attention

Communications Director:

Anthony Elia :ACCLAIMED

My name is Anthony Elia I am a senior level biology student and am looking to be considered for the executive position of communications director.

For the 2016-2017 year I have served as one of three councillors of the BUSO student club. Despite my background as a student of science I have found being a part of BUSO student club incredibly rewarding and engaging.

The exec team of this year has put in a tremendous amount of effort and I would like to continue this momentum moving forward. I feel that communications director would be a great fit for my skills and a natural step for me in the club. I have enjoyed every BUSO event I have attended and I hope as communications director I can reach out to not just BUSO students but the student body of York to attend the fantastic events put on by the club and its collaborators to help facilitate networking and engagement within the major and outside of it. I hope that through the efforts of the current exec team and the continued efforts of exec teams going forward engagement with BUSO club becomes a staple for students within the major.

Councillors (2 positions)

1.) Noah Kreider

My name is Noah Kreider, I am currently in my second year of the BUSO program at York. My streams are The Social Economy and CSR/Ethics.

I would like to nominate myself for the Councillor position in the BUSO Club.

As a member of the BUSO program, I am surrounded by the students and facility of the program. This allows me to actively engage with the students of the program. By being immersed in the program I can gain insight into what could best help the club move forward. I have been able to attend several of the BUSO club events as well as help table to promote the Black Social Economy event. I am very passionate about the BUSO program and especially involved with activities related to my streams. I have been able to work for NGOs internationally in over 10 countries and I have experienced first hand the work of cooperatives, credit unions, and other alternative economic development structures around the globe. Through this international experience, I have developed many skills including event planning, project management, and organizational skills. I feel that I would be an asset and benefit to the BUSO club executive team.


2.) Thien Phan

My name is Thien Phan and I am a 4th year economics major with a minor in anthropology. I have a GPA of 6.38 and I am very involved in school.

As a student, I believe that getting involved in school is the best way to get your foot ahead of the door and with that, I, Thien Phan, would be the best person for the councilor position. Not only am I a Vanier Peer Mentor, I also work at Vanier College as a Book Sale Assistant. For the past year, I have been helping students with their academic work and teaching them about the skills they need to succeed at university, such as managing time for school, work, and social activities. I do this on top of my job which involves pricing and sorting books in the book room, as well as other responsibilities as they come up.

I am a person who takes his job seriously, paid or unpaid, I value my commitments, I am a team player, and I show up on time. I understand I am not a business and society major and that puts me at a disadvantage relative to the other potential candidates but despite that, I have a lot to offer to your club based on my involvement experience in school and my academic morale.

My vision for this club is to ensure that the club room is an inclusive and welcoming space for all students, while doing my part to ensure that the social and academic events held throughout the year will enhance their student experience.


3.) Wanita Jagdesh

I am interested in the councillor position.

I am in my third year at York and will be entering my fourth in September. I am a good fit for this position because I am punctual, comfortable working in groups or alone and I am great at assisting. My vision for the club is to reach out to students so that they can be involved on campus. Like many students I was not active in activities outside lectures, and finally realized that getting involved is a great way to meet and connect with people, give back to the community and help others to have a good experience on and off campus. I had a first hand experience with the BUSO club this year when we went to the Court House and City Hall Trip, and I loved the environment and people. By joining the team, I would dedicate my time to recruiting members and help then get involved.

4.) Mohammed Fuad Mekhail Bari

My name is Mohammed Fuad Mekhail Bari; you can call me Mekhail. I was born in Southern Asia with histories in the Arabian Peninsula and the United States. Hence, I inherited a diverse mentality. At York University, I am studying Honours and BA in Business and Society in the Global Economy and the Environment stream.

As I am writing this description about myself it is important to note that I am being completely honest and sincere to my best of ability, and perhaps this is one of the asset that my inclusion in the Business and Society club could help significantly in executingtasks and important works whether they are big or small efficiently without complication.

As a first-year student, I can easily be judged as a freshman with little or no experiences of how things work here in Canada, particularly York University. But believe me, I am fortunate to have many experiences such as winning the Science Fair twice as the team captain in a British High School in South Asia, leading a group of volunteers to help distribute aid to the poor in Dhaka etc. I have witnessed with my own eyes the struggles, the conflict, the never-ending enmity between cultures, backgrounds, genders and the society. Being a witness led me to understand why this conflict and confusion occurs and what really goes on in the minds of people, hence making me an empathetic person.

As such, I believe this makes me a worthy candidate to run for a position in the Business and Society Club.

Although this is my first time in Canada, I won’t let these valuable experiences and knowledge I earned in the past harness my ego which is why I have humbly decided to run for councillor as the lowest position in the club which will give me just enough time to blend in and work my way up building mutual understanding and friendship with each member and of course with you in the process.

My vision for the club is clear; building trust, respect and punctuality. Through these means I hope Business and Society Club can become a major player in running events that really matters and helping incoming freshmen adapt quickly and be successful in their aspiration and eventually I hope the club would become a role model for other schools to follow.

I would like to conclude with my all-time favourite quote which has always inspired me to dream big and keep going despite of the many difficulties on the path. Abraham Lincoln said, “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years”.


Congratulations to all those who have acclaimed a position and good luck to everyone campaigning. The campaign budget for the prospective executive committee members will not exceed $50.00

Key Date Reminders:

– Campaigning Period: Sunday, March 26th – Thursday, March 30th

– Election/ Voting Period: Monday, March 27th – Friday, March 31st at 11:59 P.M.

– New Executive Team Announced: Monday, April 3rd, 2017

Please feel free to send an email to or for any comments or inquiries.

BUSO Elections 2017-2018

Dear Students,

As the 2016-2017 academic year draws to an end, the Business and Society Student Club (BUSOSC) is pleased to announce executive member elections for the 2017/2018 year!

This is an opportunity for students in the Business and Society program to work with students, staff, and faculty to host academic and social events, which enrich the university experience and help students develop valuable workplace skills.

BUSOSC is looking to fill the following positions:
1. President
2. Vice President of Internal Affairs
3. Vice President of External Affairs
4. Finance Director
5. Events Coordinator (2 positions)
6. Communications Director
7. Marketing Director
8. Councilors (2 positions)
For a full description of the positions go to in Article V. Officers, Qualifications and Duties

Nomination Period: Friday, March 17 – Friday, March 24 11:59 PM
Nominees Announced: Saturday, March 25
Voting Period: Monday, March 27 – Friday, March 31
New Executive Team Announced: Monday, April 3

To nominate yourself, please email by the 24th of March, 11:59 PM. Nominations received after this time will not be accepted.

Please include the following in the email for your nomination:
· Your full name;
· Contact information (this will not be made public);
· Position that you are interested in;
· A short description of yourself, why you are a good fit for the position and your vision for the club (250-500 words).

Good Luck!

Best Wishes,
BUSO Executive Team 2016-2017